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Costa Rica Flag

Costa Rica Flag Flying in the WindThe Costa Rica flag was designed in 1848 by then First Lady Pacifica Fernandez Oreamuno. She took her design cues and symbolism from the French National Flag and the French Revolution, which espoused the ideals of freedom, equality, and brotherhood. The flag is Red, White, and Blue and depending on the flag's usage, it may feature a national shield (or coat of arms) on it. Actual adoption of the flag of Costa Rica didn't occur until November 27, 1906.

Each color on the Costa Rica flag is representative of aspects of Costa Rica important to the founders. Blue represents the sky, opportunities, intellectualism, perseverance, infiniteness, eternity, and religious and spiritual pursuits. White represents clarity of thought, happiness, wisdom, power, beauty of the sky, the driving force behind initiatives and new endeavors, and peace in Costa Rica. Red is for the warmth of Ticos (Costa Ricans), their passion for life, generosity, and for their bloodshed during the fight for freedom.

There are two versions of the flag, the Bandera which doesn't have the national shield on it, and the Pabellon Nacional, which does. The Pabellon Nacional is reserved for schools, public offices, government offices, foreign missions and mission ships. The Bandera is used at parties or during civil activities.

Both the blue and white horizontal stripes are 1/6th the height of the flag while the red stripe in the middle is 2/6ths. As for dimensions, the Pabellon Nacional is 3:5 whereas the Bandera seems to have more flexibility in production, ranging from 2:3 to 3:5.

For an in depth description of Costa Rica's national shield and another flag picture, check out my National Flag of Costa Rica Page.

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