Costa Rica Newspapers

There are a number of Costa Rica newspapers to choose from with the main national paper being La Nacion. This paper outlines both national and international events and is printed in Spanish. It is readily available in any city or town of Costa Rica.

Another one of the top Costa Rica newspapers is the Tico Times, which is by far the most popular newspaper among expatriates because it is printed in English. This newspaper covers both Costa Rica news and international events, including a great outdoors section with great Costa Rica fishing coverage. You can also find Costa Rica vacation rentals and Costa Rica jobs in the popular classifieds section.

In Guanacaste you’ll find another of Costa Rica’s newspapers, The Beach Times, which is based in Liberia. This is a small, English language newspaper that covers Costa Rica news with an emphasis on the economy and tourism. Small highlights from international news sources are also included.

In addition to Costa Rica newspapers, you can also find some magazines that are tourist focused with stories about Costa Rica’s various attractions and interesting people in Costa Rica. One of my favorites, run by friends of mine, is Utopía.

Here is a list of links to the various newspapers of Costa Rica.

Links to Costa Rica Newspapers

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