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Costa Rica Plastic Surgery: High Quality Low Price

Why Choose Costa Rica Plastic Surgery?

Today, Costa Rica plastic surgery is proving itself to be a major draw for the country - 14% of all visitors come for just this reason.
"For North American patients, Costa Rica is the chosen destination for inexpensive, high-quality medical care without a trans-Pacific flight, and it is the particular mecca for westerners seeking plastic surgery."

- UDaily Newspaper, University of Delaware

This combination of plastic surgery and travel abroad has grown large enough to garner the name Medical Tourism. Amongst travelers from around the world, and North Americans in particular, Costa Rica is becoming the destination of choice for these types of trips due to how close it is and the quality of the medical facilities there. This is not to mention the price, which in most cases for surgery is about half the cost of what you'd pay at home or less -- try 50-70% less in many cases. Package deals can even be had that include the price of procedure, accommodation, and transportation.

Read on for Prices, Considerations, Package info, and tips...

There are a couple of other significant reasons to choose Costa Rica. First, it has one of the best health care systems in Central America. In order to practice medicine in Costa Rica you need to be certified by the national medical association. To be sure though, you can check on your doctor with the Plastic Surgery Board to ensure that he or she is fully licensed and certified. At top ranked facilities like CIMA Hospital and highly regarded private clinics, the doctors normally have impeccable credentials. CIMA Hospital happens to be associated with the prestigious Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. The private Clinica Biblica Hosipital has even received accreditation by the JCI, the international affiliate of the United States' most respected accrediting agency. Other facilities are surely in line to follow suit.

Anonymity is another great reason to come here. A "trip to Costa Rica" is a great cover for a nose job or breast augmentation, to keep what is often a very private surgery to your self. Having cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica allows you to keep away from prying eyes and recover in paradise, which leads me to another advantage.

An often-overlooked benefit is Costa Rica itself. Costa Rica plastic surgery allows the patient to combine a desired operation with a trip to one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. Costa Rica is an incredible country that features stunning beaches, lush rainforests and towering volcanoes. There are numerous resorts and luxury hotels here to pamper you while you recover.

Moreover, Costa Rica is home to a range of eco-tourism options as well as such traditional outdoor activities as hiking, camping, surfing and fishing. Cosmetic surgery Costa Rica allows the patient to undergo their surgery and recovery far from the pressures of home while in a fantastic vacationing spot.

As mentioned before, it is incredibly easy to get from the United States to Costa Rica with flights usually ranging from about 300 to about 600 dollars and departing from 22 different cities. Coming from the United Kingdom is slightly more expensive, but direct flights are available. If you are looking to have cosmetic surgery abroad, Costa Rica is the place for you.

For Plastic Surgery Costa Rica is An Affordable Option

One of the major draws of Costa Rica plastic surgery is the fact that it is affordable, especially if you are interested in multiple procedures like the majority of patients. Cosmetic Surgery Costa Rica offers the same types or procedures as offered in the United States or the United Kingdom, but for a fraction of the price. Therefore, even with the added cost of airfare and accommodation, it is usually significantly cheaper to have a procedure in Costa Rica than in the United States or the United Kingdom.

In fact, you should save enough money to easily bring a companion, which is recommended since you will need to spend some time recovering. But even the recovery time can be spent in luxury accommodations with the money you save.

This decrease in costs allows plastic surgery to be available to more people than ever before. Many of those who could not afford plastic surgery at home can now look to Costa Rica as their chance to have the surgery that they desire.

Some people say that the decrease in price signifies a decrease in quality and raises concerns about safety. However, in Costa Rica this is not the case as the surgical procedures are of the highest quality, especially at the top, accredited institutions. Actually, the success rates at top-ranked medical facilities abroad rival, if not best, those found in your home country.

Costa Rica Plastic Surgery Prices

The following list of prices is from The Complete Medical Tourist by David Hancock, a great, concise guidebook to Medical Tourism in countries round the world. It is noted that cases vary from person to person, so this is just an average. With gains in the exchange rate gains, the prices in pounds may now be less that what's listed.
  • Facelift: $3,000-4,700 (£1,667-2,611)
  • Eyelid surgery: $1,200-1,800 (£667-1,000)
  • Neck lift: $1,600-2,000 (£889-1,111)
  • Liposuction: $700-3,600 (£700-3,600)
  • Arm tuck: $2,100-3,000 (£1,167-1,667)
  • Ear surgery: $1,200-1,800 (£667-1,000)
  • Nose surgery: $1,900-3,500 (£1,056-1,944)
  • Cheek implants: $1,200-1,800 (£667-1,000)
  • Chin implants: $1,200-2,200 (£667-1,222)
  • Breast augmentation: $2,800-3,500 (£1,556-1,944)
  • Breast reduction: $2,900-3,900 (£1,611-2,278)
  • Tummy tuck: $3,000-4,100 (£1,667-2,889)
  • Buttock implants: $3,000-5,200 (£1,667-2,278)
  • Fat grafting: $1,200-3,800 (£667-2,111)
  • LAP-BAND SYSTEM: $8,000-10,500*
*This cost is taken from another great book on medical tourism called Patients Beyond Borders by Josef Woodman. This book has fantastic information on choosing a medical facility abroad as well as country profiles.

Package Deals and Recovery Retreats for Cosmetic Surgery Patients

One interesting option is the package deal. There are various Health Travel Agencies that can set up a package deal that includes your procedure, accommodations, and transportation to and from the airport during your stay.

This leads me to another unique outgrowth of the Costa Rica plastic surgery industry, the Recovery Retreat. There are now multiple resorts and retreats that cater specifically to people who have undergone cosmetic surgery, where people can recover in luxury and privacy. These recovery accommodations feature a nursing staff to check on patients and some even include doctor visits. Food can usually be included in your package and so you can even avoid leaving the premises if you so choose.

Considerations for Costa Rica Plastic Surgery

There are risks associated with any surgical procedure and Costa Rica plastic surgery is no different. However, it is important to note, as was mentioned above, that Costa Rica has an excellent health care system that requires their doctors to be certified and knowledgeable about the newest medical developments and the specific risks involved.

That being said, there are several steps you should take to minimize any possible risk before you have plastic surgery in Costa Rica, or anywhere in the world. First, be informed about what the doctor is going to do. Sit down with the doctor and have him or her fully explain the process to you. Also, have all your necessary paperwork, x-rays, test results, etc. ready to provide for your surgeon.

Lack of follow-up care is a consideration for any potentially risky procedure. Make sure you can stay for the time needed to make sure no infection has taken place or any other post operative complications. Discuss follow-up with your doctor and make sure you know where you can go when you get home if you do experience any problems.

Second, do not trust advertisements or chase the cheapest price. If possible, follow recommendations from people who you trust. If that is not an option, then ask for references before the operation.

Finally, ask questions about possible negative consequences. Make sure that you are aware of the worst that can happen and also be knowledgeable about your responsibilities after the operation. There should be no surprises involved with plastic surgery. Know exactly what is going to happen before you commit yourself to anything.

Also, realize that malpractice is not treated as harshly as it is in the States. Malpractice suits in Costa Rica are rare, and those that succeed usually just cover medical expenses. On the flipside, lack of malpractice suits is the reason that healthcare is so expensive at home and so affordable in Costa Rica. The fact that the US is the most litigious country on the planet has driven up healthcare costs due to skyrocketing malpractice insurance rates.

Types of Procedures and Medical Tourism Packages Available

Costa Rica plastic surgery offers the same types of surgeries as the United States or the United Kingdom. To name a few, cosmetic surgery Costa Rica offers breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty and face lifts. See the above list of prices for an idea of some other procedures available.

In addition to plastic surgeries, Costa Rica also offers a range of dental surgeries. As with Costa Rica plastic surgery, these dental surgeries are performed by qualified doctors and are routinely around half the cost of comparable surgeries in the United States.

Costa Rica Plastic Surgery: In Closing...

Before travelling to Costa Rica, do your homework. Check on your proposed doctor's background and ensure that they are qualified to do the operation and willing to meet with you to discuss the procedure and any possible complications. Also, check on the hospital and surrounding area. Make sure that they are very experienced in performing your procedure and have the necessary facilities to accommodate you.

Finally, decide where it is that you want to recover. Costa Rica has something for everyone. Since you have to recover from surgery anyways, why not pick a place that is perfect for you and recover in style?

Costa Rica plastic surgery is an excellent way to combine a vacation with affordable, high-quality cosmetic surgery. A great idea is to go to Costa Rica for a week of touring and having fun, then having your procedure and spending a week at a private, luxurious recovery resort. If you ever considered plastic surgery, Costa Rica offers an exceptional alternative to having it done in your home country and offers you an opportunity to participate in the growing phenomenon of medical tourism.

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