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Costa Rica Religion

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In Costa Rica religion is pretty well dominated by Catholics, who make up around 90% of the population. This isn't surprising since the country was a former Spanish colony and as such adopted the religion of it's conquering nation - in fact Catholicism was made the official religion in the country's constitution. This is why Catholic priests are the only religious leaders given the power to perform civil marriages, whereas marriages by other religions require the assistance of a legal official.
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While religion in Costa Rica is important, you won't find the same fervor as you encounter in most other Latin countries. The country is pretty secular and the Roman Catholic church doesn't have an overly strong influence. People in general will go to church for the Sacraments (baptism, first communion, confirmation, marriage, and death) as well as on religious holidays. There's also plenty of celebration on the Semana Santa, the week before Easter, which is a national holiday.

Another notable aspect of religion in Costa Rica is that each town has a patron saint who is celebrated once a year at the church on the town square. Music, food, and dancing are the course of the day, but somethimes it seems that the party is more important than the religious motivtions. But you have to love that pura vida vibe.

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