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Costa Rica Resorts: Beaches, Rainforests and More!

Costa Rica resorts, especially all-inclusive resorts, are arelatively new form of accommodation for this famed land ofeco-diversity, beautiful beaches,wild jungle, towering volcanoes and vibrant nightlife. Resorts area great way to experience luxury, absorb the natural beauty andwildlife in a beautiful setting, or simply relax.

In fact, the resorts themselves are becoming quite a draw inthey're own right. To get more info about specific Costa Ricaresorts, click here. Or read on to see your options.

dFirst off - resort is a loose definition, and what mainly sets aresort apart from a hotel is that it is a recreational complex witha location attraction (beach, lake, etc.) and a pool, restaurant,and a guest activities service for arranging tours, etc. Some ofthe best CostaRica spas are located in the many resorts of this country.

Basically Costa Rica resorts offer a 'no-brainer' solution foryour vacation.

Costa Rica resorts offer a wide variety of options for travelers ofall types and on a variety of budgets. Resort developments haveexpanded to include places within the cosmopolitan capital, SanJose, along both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, and, mostrecently, into the wild and beautiful interior of the country.

These resorts offer everything from luxurious spa treatments andadventure activities, to exciting nightlife and partying. Many areon stunning isolated beaches,and others are resort hotelsnestled in nature reserves teeming with wildlife.

All-inclusive resorts are an option and luckily they are notclustered in huge groups like Mexico. Most all-inclusive Costa Ricaresorts are set off in their own nook of coastline with fullservice restaurants and bars, and sometimes a disco!

The most popular resort locations for Costa Rica resorts are thebeach and increasingly popular Wilderness resorts, which are nextto national parks and wildlife reserves. Highland locations aroundVolcano Arenal, which I think is gorgeous, are also highly popular.We'll start at the beach...

Costa Rica Resorts at the Beach

Costa Rica is blessed with both a Caribbean and a Pacific Coast,which combine to make 1,290 km of coastline, and offer a wide rangeof resort locations. No wonder Costa Rica translates to RichCoast.

Costa Rica resorts on the Pacific line the coast from the Gulf ofPapagayo in the northwest down through Tamarindo on the NicoyaPeninsula, throughout the central coast, and on down to PuertoJimenez on the Osa Peninsula to the South. I read that somethinglike five 5-Star resorts were going in around Papagayo, one of themcosting $360 Million - now that'll be some luxury.

Costa Rica resorts line the Pacific coast. There are concentrationsin the Northwest along the shores of the Golfo de Papagayo (Gulf ofPapagayo), around Tamarindoon the Nicoya Peninsula, in the vicinity of Jacoand Manuel Antonio on the Central coast, and then in the region ofGolfo Dulce and the Osa Peninsula to the south.

These resorts offer guests a range of activities to choose from.Some are private and ideal for relaxation while others attract amore diverse clientele and offer a boisterous party atmosphere.

The majority of the Costa Rica resorts on the Caribbean are locatedto the south of the city of Limon. Many of these are isolated andoffer their guests the opportunity to utilize a secluded beach andrelax far from their day-to-day concerns. Just south of Manzanillois a gorgeous National Park that in my opinion really optimizes thebeauty of the Caribbean coast.

Many people will want to relax near a pool or the ocean, takeadvantage of the numerous amenities and never leave the resort.However, many resorts offer their guests the opportunity to go outand explore the surrounding area, or to get away and go out onsightseeing or sport fishingexpeditions or numerous other adventure activities.

Wilderness Resorts in Costa Rica

A new trend in Costa Rica resorts are wilderness resorts. Theseresorts are usually located deep in the country's lushrainforests. These resorts offer creature comforts and incredibleaccess to the wildlife and natural beauty of Costa Rica.

There are wilderness resorts located near many of the mostnoteworthy Costa Rican nature reserves. For instance, there areseveral wilderness resorts located near Arenal National Park andVolcano, which offer tours to the volcano and of the surroundingcountryside. Watching the lava spew from the cone at night is oneof my favorite memories of Costa Rica.

Some of the more isolated wilderness reserves are located in theOso Peninsula of the southwest. Of these, many are so isolated andincorporated with the surrounding ecosystem that they were onceused as scientific research centers.

These wilderness reserves range from being slightly off the beatentrack to being isolated in remote jungles and on remote coasts.They also vary in price and amenities from the modest to ultraluxurious. It is also noteworthy that many of the more isolatedresorts offer transportation from San Jose and include meals in theprice. Costa Rica resorts situated in the wilds of the rainforestoffer unprecedented access to flora and fauna you've probably onlyseen in books or on the Discovery Channel.

Finding the Resort that is Right for You

The most important thing to think about when choosing a resort inCosta Rica is what it is that you want. Decide, do you want aquiet, all-inclusive, resort? Would you prefer a more excitingresort with people to meet and an interactive party scene? Or, doyou want a nature resort where you are right in the midst of thestunning natural beauty and environment of Costa Rica?

Once you know what you want, do your homework. Costa Rica has awide range of resorts to choose from. Look online and then, ifpossible, speak to people who have been there and read reviews.

Consider the resort's proximity to other Costa Rica attractionsand towns, and transportation like airportsand getting to and from the resort. The closer you are to theattractions you want to see, the less time you waste on the road.Aside from that, have fun and be sure to send me some pictures.Pura vida!

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