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Costa Rica Weather: How's the weather in Costa Rica?

There are basically two seasons that affect Costa Rica weather, and they are the dry season and the wet season. Pretty basic, eh? Locals refer to the seasons as Verano (summer) and Temporada Verde or Temporada de Lluvia (green season or the rainy season).

Costa Rica weather is best, driest and sunniest, from December through April. This is also the busiest season in terms of tourism, and as a result it's the most expensive time to go. Moreover, traveling in this season means that you should make reservations well ahead of time, or at least be flexible as to accommodations in the most popular parts of the country. During this time it once took a friend and me close to three hours to hunt down a reasonably priced room in the popular beach town of Tamarindo because we didn't plan ahead.

The weather in Costa Rica gets significantly wetter from May to November in most parts of the country. Costa Rica weather is worst in September and October. I remember torrential downpours during this time period that left our driveway a temporary lake, and also resulted in poor road conditions and flooding in some towns. June and July are often much drier and often become a mini dry season.

Excluding September and October, Costa Rica weather is actually nice enough to travel in during the off-season or shoulder season. This is a great way to save money and avoid the crowds you'd encounter during high season.

As for the Caribbean coast, the weather is not nearly as predictable. Precipitation is fairly constant throughout the year, though February through April is a bit drier than other times.

In the rainforest regions it's important to remember that the name is not a misnomer, it really does rain a lot in the rainforest and its the reason there is such amazing and diverse flora. Somehow, people often forget this.

As for temperatures, San Jose ranges from 59-79F or 15-26C, cooler than the rest of the country due to its altitude. The coasts are much warmer with the Pacific Coast ranging from 75F (24C) at night to 91F (33C) during the day, and the Caribbean Coast averaging 70F (21C) at night and 86F (30C) during the day.

All summed up, Costa Rica weather is perfect for an exotic vacation getaway. Go out and buy your bathing suit and sunscreen now!

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